Sara Martins Cardoso


Sara Martins Cardoso is a Biologist since 2012 and a Marine Biologist since 2017, being their research interest animal personality, behavior and welfare, as well as ecology of temperate fish larvae.
In the last years her work was focused in studying the impacts of climate changes – specifically ocean acidification -, on larval behavior, developmental ecology and sensorial ecology, leading to understand how these impacts might affect survival during this critical life stage. Her Master thesis was focused on the impacts of CO2-Induced Ocean Acidification on predator detection ability and development of temperate fish.
Her previous scientific work was developed in two distinct areas, namely marine fish ecology and behavioral ecology respectively. She performed several field surveys in an area that is now classified as a Marine Protected Area, and was involved in several behavioral experiments with Taurulus bubalis (Pisces: Cottidae), on a first description of sound production by this fish species.