Joana Maria Castro


Joana holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Marine Ecology, both by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University. Her work experience has been focused on Marine Ecology and Conservation, with a great component of Environmental Education and Awareness. She has also collaborated with different national and international projects and with several institutions.

More recently, in 2018 she was in Italy during 9 moths for a project called: M.A.R.E. – Marine Adventures Respecting the Environment, at the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Punta Campanella. Here she was involved in different tasks, such as helping to implement the conservation programs of the marine park, marine conservation and monitoring project in Ieranto Bay, B zone of the MPA and laboratory analysis on the Mediterranean Neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica). She also gave some support in marine biology classes for American university students.

Joana is currently the research technician of the NextGen project.