Dr. Frederico Almada


My research interests are centered on understanding the evolutionary and ecological processes conditioning biodiversity. I have focused primarily in molecular phylogenies and population genetics of coastal fish since I am interested in species and population level interconnectivity/isolation along the northeastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Within this topic, the most interesting themes are evaluating the genetic profile and the life cycle patterns of each species, estimate their recent biogeographic history and relate this data with different hypothesis concerning climate change events.
I am also involved in long-term projects monitoring marine protected areas (MPA's). Regular field surveys have raised a number of questions on the behavioural ecology of inshore fish. These independent approaches at different biological levels have the common goal of understanding the evolutionary process and the interconnectivity between marine populations in historical (Biogeography) and contemporanean (Ecology) time frames.
Currently I am deeply involved in the characterization of temperate fish venoms, unraveling the composition and describing the properties of the venoms produced by a number of species. It is a fascinating and promising area with a plethora of themes to explore. As a wannabe toxinologist I will probably spend my remaining career exploring this research field.
As a scientist concerned with the marine environment and its preservation I also believe my mission must go beyond academia. With the goal to make a small but memorable contribution I have recently started a project on ocean literacy (www.kidsdive.pt) directed to school students together with national and international outstanding partner institutions.