Ana Faria

Ana M Faria

I graduated in Marine Biology in 2004 and completed a PhD degree in Marine Ecology in 2010, both by the University of Algarve. Since February 2011 I am conducting my research at MARE-ISPA. I have specialized in behaviour, ecology and development of fish larvae. I’ve also become interested in studying the impacts of global changes, particularly ocean acidification and temperature, on larval behaviour, developmental ecology and sensorial ecology of temperate reef fish larvae, and how these impacts might affect survival during this critical life stage, and ultimately recruitment and dynamics of marine populations. Addressing the potential for acclimation to these global changes through phenotypic plasticity is a research topic I am particularly interested in.

At the Lab
Ana Lopes

PhD student

Diana Rodrigues

PhD student

Patrícia Vicente

PhD student

Sara Martins


Robyn Murdoch

Master student

Prof. Philip Munday

James Cook University, ARC CoECRS

Prof. Sam Dupont

University of Gothenburg

Prof. Emanuel Gonçalves


Prof. Rui Oliveira

IGC, ISPA, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Dr. Carla Sousa Santos


Dr. Clara Amorim

Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

Dr. Frederico Almada


Dr. Gonçalo Silva


Pedro Morais

Past Associates
Ines Fournon Berodia

Effects of global warming on personality traits of the two-spotted goby. (internship from the IBRMSea programme)

Ignacio Polo-Vaquero

How personality traits change between sexes in the two-spotted goby. (internship from the IBRMSea programme)

Sara Martins

Effects of CO2-exposure on larval development and behaviour of temperate clingfish Lepadogaster lepadogaster larvae. (Master in Marine Biology and Conservation, ISPA, IU)

Sofia Esteves da Silva

Evaluating the effects of ocean acidification on swimming abilities of sand-smelt larvae. (Master in Marine Biology and Conservation, ISPA, IU)

Soraia Filipe

Evaluating the effects of ocean acidification on the development of three important commercial species. (Master in Aquaculture and Fisheries, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria)

Joana Castro

Acidification effects in the behavioural responses of temperate fish larvae. (Master in Marine Ecology, Lisbon University)

Ana Sofia Rebelo

Tetracycline tagging in embryos of two gobiesocid species, L. purpurea and L. lepadogaster – Application to fish population dynamics studies. (Master in Marine Ecology, Lisbon University)

Luis Miguel Silva

Ecology of recruitment of small pelagic fishes - swimming abilities and nutritional condition of sardine larvae (Sardina pilchardus, Walbaum 1792). (Master in Marine Ecology, University of Algarve)